peapodmusic - Surrey based music & movement classes for babies and toddlers


Millie's music sessions are great fun for all involved. She has a natural ability to engage the children throughout her sessions giving them the freedom and confidence to express their creativity.

Kate Chapman, Teacher, Twickenham

Millie and her music are why our daughter rushes to nursery in the morning. Millie's energy and enthusiasm is infectious and children simply adore her and this drives their love of music and dance. We simply can't recommend her highly enough.
Pennie-Lee Connell, Parent, Twickenham

Having Millie as our music teacher was like being given a gift.  Her passion and enthusiasm for music is wonderful and her fun interaction with the children made each lesson exciting.  She has the amazing ability to make each child grow in confidence with their social and emotional skills as well as enjoy her music lessons.
Andy Taylor, Teacher, Twickenham

As a teacher and a mother I could not recommend Millie highly enough. She is very talented musically and children adore her lessons, which are fun-filled whilst having a firm grounding in education and early years development.

Louisa Fevrier, Teacher, Twickenham

Thank you for sharing your gift and unique talent, for radiating your care and love and showing my daughter the beauty of song and dance. It’s been an honour to witness this “dance” between you both, I know she will carry this in her heart.

Clare, Mother of 2 year old, Twickenham

Millie is a wonderful and gifted music teacher who captures children's imaginations and gives them the confidence to express themselves through music and dance. My daughter adores her sessions with Millie and it is a joy to watch her immerse herself in all the fantastic, age appropriate activities that Millie provides.

Laura Clouting- Parent, Twickenham

Millie's work with children is both creative and engaging. She encourages the children to explore and learn through music, whilst keeping it fun. Her relaxed yet professional nature allows her to engage with children of all ages and abilities giving them an introduction to music, which is both fun and educational. I have worked with Millie in two different settings, in an after school club setting and in Youth Theatre and I would not hesitate to recommend peapod music to anyone. The children’s response on both occasions was 'when is she coming back? We had so much fun’!

Nerys Williams - After School Club Manager, Twickenham  

Millie is a dynamic music teacher, her enthusiasm & delight in her subject is so infectious that she manages to keep large groups of little people completely engaged throughout her lessons and always wanting more.

Sarah Hollywood- Teaching Assistant