peapodmusic - Surrey based music & movement classes for babies and toddlers


As well as building confidence and self-esteem, music sessions teach children the art of co-operation, sharing, compromise, creativity and concentration, skills that become invaluable as they enter formal schooling.

Early co-ordination skills can be developed through percussion play- small easy to hold instruments like egg shakers and bells allow your baby to independently make a pretty sound and begin to expand their fine motor skills and hand-eye dexterity.

Communicating through song begins at an early age, and is the most significant form of reciprocal communication. While recorded music has its benefits, there is nothing more essential to a child’s creative development than access to live singing and playing. Songs are a special form of speech, which holds the melodies and inflections of that particular spoken language, preparing the child’s brain, voice and ear for language development.

Singing nursery rhymes and simple songs teaches toddlers how language is constructed and assists with the acquisition of language. Songs provide a ‘safe’ form of vocalizations, allowing children to express themselves without the perceived pressure that speaking sometimes brings. Additionally, songs introduce numerous new words to children, often increasing their vocabulary dramatically and often more memorably than speaking alone. For example, the vast majority of English speaking people will sing the ABC song when asked to recite the alphabet!

Singing and performing action songs is a fantastic way of developing numeracy skills- songs like 1,2,345 develop number sequencing and ‘5 little ducks went swimming one day’ introduces subtraction!

The rhythm and pulse of these songs provides a more memorable method of retaining the meaning of numbers and patterns.By taking your child to regular live music sessions, you are giving them the gift of exciting creative exploration with the added bonus of proven development!