peapodmusic - Surrey based music & movement classes for babies and toddlers


My name is Millie Cook, and I am an early years music & movement teacher. I am a guitarist, cellist and singer, and have worked as a composer, sound designer, and engineer, in radio, theatre and documentary filmmaking. For the last 2 years I have been the resident music and ballet instructor at the Jack and Jill Nursery and Pre-Prep school in Twickenham. I have recently moved to Farnham in Surrey and have set up my own music and movement classes for children and their caregivers.

Musical ability is something we are born with, and from our first small sounds and movements we are coming into contact with pitch, rhythm and rhyme. It has been proven that babies and toddlers who are encouraged to sing and explore music develop stronger confidence and awareness, and this eventually leads to a more natural ability to learn to play musical instruments. It has also been proven that the commitment applied to studying and practising instruments directly improves the ability to concentrate and focus on activities like literacy, numeracy and later revision and exam preparation.

My sessions have a clear aim; to entertain and develop simultaneously. You and your child will explore traditional and new nursery rhymes and songs, engage in puppet play and musical instrument exploration, whilst all the time being accompanied by live music provided by the class leader.
Each session takes different forms and no two sessions are exactly the same. Unlike some music classes, peapod does not split their sessions according to the age of the child; so if you have a 2 year old and a newborn, bring them both safe in the knowledge that they will equally enjoy the experience!

Children who have enjoyed my sessions have gone on to choose to play piano, guitar, violin and cello, without being asked to or forced to by their school or parents, and this is because their understanding of music was planted and grown through fun and exciting musical adventures in peapod classes.